RWPL Pillars

Leadership and Governance

Mentoring women leaders through capacity building training and exposure to be able to participate in leadership effectively and vie for electable positions and also pursue other areas of leaders. (more…)

Education Support and Mentorship

Supporting and encouraging beneficiaries, mostly bright promising girls that are identified from vulnerable backgrounds, to take up opportunities offered through formal education in schools and colleges. (more…)

Peace Building and Conflict Mitigation

We strengthen the role of rural women and youth groups in mitigating violence in the community, monitoring conflict through early warning indicators and mediating conflicts. (more…)

Women’s Economic Empowerment

This pillar focuses on grassroots women and women survivors of conflict and gender based violence to promote sustainable livelihood management through offering life skills and entrepreneurship; (more…)

Women’s Human Rights

Advancing recognition and appreciation of women’s human rights in the communities against socio-cultural restrictions and negative perceptions by training of rural based women (more…)

International Women's Day 2014

Chemisik dancers from East Baringo warming up to the International Women's Day celebrations at Chamolingot Deputy County Commissioners office prior to the procession ...

Posted by Rural Women Peace LINK on 12 Machi 2014
Women reached through various programs
Grassroots Women Networks Established
Girls Rescued from FGM & GBV
Girls Participated in Mentorship programme

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