Empowering women and girls as active citizens of change

Women and girls living in communities prone by perennial conflict hold the key to peace and sustainable development.

Commemorating National and International Events

We promote advocacy, awareness and sensitization on protection of women and children's rights through significant national and international calendar events and platforms

Team work

RWPL embraces team spirit to achieve meaningful impact for the benefit of women, girls and the general community. Its team of selfless, resilient and diverse staff are all driven towards achieving the mission and vision of RWPL.

Participatory Engagement

RWPL employs participatory approaches to ensure community participation and engagement in the solving of problems that hinder community development.

Women Bunge Forums

Women Bunge (parliament) forums are safe spaces for women to discuss issues that affect them and chart a way forward on how to promote women's rights so as to reduce the vulnerabilities brought about by retrogressive socio-cultural beliefs and practices.

Mentorship Session

These sessions are held for girls being supported under the Education Support and Mentorship program. The sessions are meant to empower the girls academically, socially and spiritually.

Award Recognition

On 3rd April 2014, Selline Korir became the fourth individual to be awarded with the Mietek Pemper Award for Reconciliation and International Understanding.

Engaging Men in Women's Rights & Empowerment

We believe that involving men in promoting and protecting women's rights is critical - we believe that as role models, men who understand the importance of protecting the rights of women and girls can use their forums to themselves become change agents.
We are a network organization of grassroots women from across the North Rift region. We address the root causes of conflict, and its effect on women and girls
We work to promote women's engagement, participation and decision making at all levels in Kenya with a special focus on areas prone with perennial conflict
Rural Women Peace Link welcomes any form of support from like minded donors, partners and stakeholders to walk with us on this journey of empowering women and girls

Latest News

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The PIK Programme funded by USAID through IRC in partnership with RWPL has been running for one year one and draws to a close. Peace Platforms have been established in 4 Counties of Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nandi and Bungoma (Mt. Elgon). Between 13th and 16th August 2013 RWPL convened special... (more)
The National Peace Summit was finally held in Nairobi between 29th and 30th August 2013 at the Safari Park Hotel Nairobi, bringing together over 500 delegates drawn from peace platforms across Kenya with the running theme: "From Private to Public domain: The Gender Based Crisis in Kenya... (more)