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“I saw how the society looks down on illiterate women and I realized I have to go back to school to be an example and to make my future more fruitful.”

Lucy Bor got married at the tender age of 16, a common experience for young girls in Kapkaragon Village, Nandi County, where she comes from. Her marriage soon turned abusive and since the dowry had already been paid her parents felt they could do little to intervene. Her parents were not well off financially and they dreaded being asked to give back the dowry. Two children later she was sent packing out of her matrimonial home with her husband filing for the custody of the children. The case was hotly contested in court and though Lucy won the case, she still had to let her husband keep them for she had no means of providing for them.

In 2012 she took up a job in Eldoret as a house help.  At the time, her employer began noticing her brilliant intellectual ability and was prompted to enroll her to a private primary school. At the age of 23 Lucy resumed her studies at Alpha Kim Academy where she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam scoring 361 out of 500. She joined St. Joseph’s Girls High School – Chepterit in Nandi County, all the while harbouring the dream of becoming a journalist. As chance would have it, Lucy’s employer coincidentally met with Mrs. Siele, the Principal of Aldai Girls, one of the schools we partner with in the Mentorship and Girls Education Program. Mrs. Siele got to hear Lucy’s story and presented her case to us in the hope of getting financial support for Lucy’s education.  After listening and validating her story RWPL approved her case and enrolled her in the program. Loys and Sonja Mather, under the Kenyan Girls Forward Program, generously sponsored her secondary education to the end.

She successfully finished her high school education scoring a mean grade of C+ and got a chance to further her studies in Laikipia University. Loys and Sonja Mather contributed part of her admission expenses at the institution. She reported to the university for her first semester on 4th September 2018 and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Education. Lucy’s story is truly a story of pain, loss and suffering. But it does not end there, her story is one of sheer defiance towards defeat; one of resilience and determination to succeed; one filled with hope that brightens up the soul!

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