Nyiha Mathenge - Program Officer

Nyiha is passionate about people and the dynamics of human interactions. She is keen to understand conflict, the different approaches to mitigate and alleviate conflict, since its an integral element in people interactions,  thus  the need to understand the technical know-how to implement the different approaches to Disputes and  the techniques in Conflict Resolution and the different forms Alternative Dispute Resolution, to get a peaceful and a productive society. Nyiha has years of  experience  Legal Practice, Management and Public Administration.

Mercy Jerop

Executive Director


Mercy is passionate about girl-child mentorship and women empowerment and all facets that pertain to them.

Edwin Towett

Finance and Administration Officer


Towett is an experienced Accountant driven by the urge and need to understand more about financial management

Mary Lagat

Field Coordinator


Mary is a well-seasoned peace activist and a trauma healing expert that has garnered loads of experience in conflict resolution

Vivian Sutter

Program Officer


she oversees the implementation of projects under Leadership and Governance, Peacebuilding and Conflict Mitigation and Girl Education Support and Mentorship

Clinton Gwako

Program Officer


Clinton  is a communications enthusiast and with a great interest in designing people-centred solutions to community development needs

Lilliane Bwire

Program Officer


Lilliane is a passionate advocate on  human rights, gender and good governance with over 20 years’ experience working in large development

Racheal Ndombi

Project Accountant


Racheal is a specialist in Accounting, Finance and Investment Analysis with interest in problem solving skills and ability to provide financial information to all areas of the business whilst ensuring that all management information is accurate.  

Sharon Jelimo

Assistant Finanace Officer



Sharon is an ardent supporter of the emancipation of women and girls from oppressive socio-cultural beliefs and practices

Dilex Jepchirchir

Assistant Program Officer



Dilex believes that dignity and freedom are key in the pursuance of happiness and purpose in life

Nyiha Matehnge

Program Officer


Nyiha is passionate about people and the dynamics of human interactions. She is keen to understand conflict, the different approaches of mitigating and alleviating conflict, and the technical know-how in Conflict Resolution. 

Clinton Gwako - Program Officer
Edwin Towett - Finance and Administration Officer