Our Pillars

Women’s Human Rights Pillar

Advancing recognition and appreciation of women’s human rights in the communities against socio-cultural restrictions and negative perceptions by training of rural based women and girls on their rights through community education on legal education; human rights reproductive health and issues of bodily integrity and increasing access to justice.

Visible Impacts:

We are seeing significant change in terms of response and advocacy on protection of women and girls. Enrolment and retention of girls in schools in the marginalized areas we have been working in is perhaps one of the most important milestones we have achieved. We have also seen inclusion of women in peace building and decision making forums, once a preserve for many only. Forced circumcision of girls (FGM), early/forced marriages is gradually ebbing away and communities can now openly discuss and tolerate debate on the once conservative and taboo subjects. We are also seeing many male champions emerge to defend women’s rights, including Councils of elders.