Empowering Rural Women and Girls
to be active agents of change in their communities.
Empowering Rural Women and Girls
to be active agents of change in their communities.
Empowering Rural Women and Girls
to be active agents of change in their communities.

Our Pillars

Rural Women Peace Link is a grassroots, women-led organization that mobilizes, influences and promotes the participation of local women in peace building, governance and development. Our work is anchored on this five pillars;

Women’s Human Rights Advocacy

Women Economic Empower-ment

Girl Education Support & Mentorship

Peace Building & Conflict Mitigation

Leadership & Governance

Our Stories

Our success comes from the dedicated efforts of the communities that we serve  and the continued support of our partners. 

What We Do

Our Programs


Wezesha DADA;  

Project funded by Global Fund for Women sought to address the challenges of sexual violence (early pregnancies, early marriage, and forced marriage) through mentorship. Under our Girl Education Support and Mentorship pillar, it focused on young girls both in school and out of school.

Sauti Yangu Nguvu Yangu;

Project supported by Ford Foundation was implemented by Rural Women Peace Link (RWPL) in three Counties; Bungoma (Mt. Elgon Sub County), West Pokot (North Pokot Sub County), and Nandi County (Mossop Sub County).

Youth Bunges Formed
Women Bunges Formed
People Trained on Life Skills and Entrepreneurship
Self Help Groups Issued Grants
Students Sponsored
Female Aspirants Trained
Women Leaders Trained on Conflict Prevention and Management Resolution and Human Rights

What We Do

RWPL’s core business is to contribute to the holistic development of women in conflict prone areas for peace, development and their effective contribution to their communities. In all its efforts, RWPL is working to stimulate capacities of communities within North Rift Valley and part of western Kenya to claim their rights from the state and other duty bearers towards improvement of their social and economic welfare including peace and security through brokering of knowledge. It is based on the belief that for the state to provide services effectively especially those aimed at addressing other forms of social inequality, the citizenry must have the capacity to demand these rights and to hold the state accountable.

The WPS Media competition will recognize journalists and other media practitioners who have: through their reports, helped to raise awareness of UNSCR 1325 and the Women, Peace, and Security agenda, and the importance of women in building and sustaining peace in Kenya.


The aim of this temporary assignment is to facilitate EWER workshops in each county whose input will be key to creating a robust County EWER Hub critical in prevention, management and resolution of conflicts.

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