Our Awards

Diversity and Inclusion Award for Best NGO Program on Cohesion and Peace

RWPL has worked with internal mechanisms with the aim of building and adapting gender-responsive peacebuilding. We have had projects in West Pokot, Uasin Gishu and Bungoma counties that are meant to restore sustained peace.
To achieve our objectives we have employed a collaborative approach with the community, leaders and other stakeholders through peace dialogues and joint action plans. In Burnt Forest, for example, an area that was largely affected by the 2007 Post-election Violence, we held up to 8 peace dialogues with elders, women, and youths. Through the forums, we were able to bring relief to the communities.

Through projects such as “Making 1325 Count at Grassroots Level through the Localization Strategy,” we have strived to promote local ownership of the Kenya National Action Plan (KNAP) on women, peace, and security; the KNAP is Kenya’s guideline to domesticating the UNSCR 1325. In the end, we have seen attitudes of local communities transformed and renewed efforts by members to sustain peace. In Mt. Elgon we saw women develop self-belief and confidence to participate in decision making and make contributions towards peace. Land conflicts have plagued Mt Elgon and brought up militia groups that perpetuated killings between families, clans and even communities.
Through our efforts we were nominated for the National Diversity and Inclusion Awards and Recognition 2019 (DIAR-Awards). This celebrates Non-Governmental Organizations that run projects or promote programs that contribute to national cohesion and peace. Under the category of Diversity and Inclusion Best NGO Program Award on Cohesion and Peace, RWPL emerged the winner.