Sauti Yangu Nguvu Yangu

Sauti Yangu Nguvu Yangu project supported by Ford Foundation was implemented by Rural Women Peace Link (RWPL) in three Counties; Bungoma (Mt. Elgon Sub County), West Pokot (North Pokot Sub County), and Nandi County (Mossop Sub County). The project under our pillar of Governance and Human Rights focused on Women, Youth, and Persons with disability. The project was implemented in two wards in each of the sub-counties in the counties named that is Bungoma – Mt. Elgon Sub County (Chesikaki and Chepyuk wards), West Pokot – North Pokot Sub County (Kasei and Korpu wards), and Nandi County – Mossop Sub County (Kabiyet and Kurgung/Surungai ward).

Some of the project successes are documented in the video;