Current Programs

Preventing New Displacements

Preventing New Displacements by Promoting Sustainable Non-Violent Structures for Social Change

The project is being implemented in Uasin Gishu County (Huruma and D-Block) and is supported by the Civil Peace Service (GIZ). It aims to prevent new displacements in Huruma and D-Block by promoting peaceful and integrated societies. This project seeks to achieve this through mitigating social conflict factors/triggers such as the unequal distribution of resources and ethnic discrimination. The project has been implemented since September 2017 and is aligned with our peace building and conflict mitigation pillar.

It aims at strengthening fruitful engagements between the community and the local government and lead to a shared understanding of the issues present in Huruma and D-Block. Additionally, it also seeks to enhance and promote public participation in governance as enshrined in The County Governments Act. 

The project also promotes community-led initiatives and strengthens linkages between the communities and the County Government of Uasin Gishu as a way of stimulating people-centered social change. It focuses on developing the capacities of different community groups and equipping them to better address the issues that are important to them through civic awareness and capacity-building workshops.