I believe I am enough proof that girls can achieve much if they can only have access to education. I am the daughter of a single mother who raised me and my younger siblings alone (2 boys and 2 girls).

I grew up in a community that looked down on women. Some relatives despised my siblings and I so much, they called us ‘chokoras’ (street children) because our mother was unmarried. This kind of branding, stigma and abuse affected me so much.

It seemed almost impossible for me to receive high school education. I kept my brilliance, hard work and determination with me and managed to perform well in my final primary exam. I scored 380 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam and secured admission to Kapsabet Girls High School in 2010.

I was determined to succeed despite the challenges at home and my struggle with school fees. I was sent home regularly due to fee arrears. Many times I did not even have money for transport and my classmates had to raise money for my bus ride back home. The Deputy Principal of Kapsabet Girls during my times in high school, Mrs Siele, introduced me to Rural Women Peace Link’s Girl child Education and Mentorship Program in 2012.

I thought my dreams would end as life became more difficult in school, RWPL introduced me to the Brewer’s Family (Kelly, Ketty and Brewer) to sponsor my education. They often encouraged me to work hard and not to give up. Having the stability of not worrying about school fees, I could see myself being a fulfilled person in life. The support from my sponsor motivated me and encouraged me to put in more effort in my studies.

I scored a mean grade of B+ which earned me a direct entry to Kisii University. On 14th December 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology. I am full of gratitude for the support I received from RWPL. Through the support I have achieved more than I ever imagined I would in my life. I hopes that someday I can effect someone’s life in the same way RWPL did in mine.

I am confident that I will continue to disprove the negative words that hurt me. They never valued us but I had to prove them wrong. I would like to encourage anyone facing the same challenges I faced not to pay attention to people when they look down upon their families.